Mono bar

Mazowiecka 11 aWarszawaPolska

(022) 827 45 57
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od 20 do 40 zł
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    NEVER go to that club. I’m a model from Denmark and I’ve been there once. Only once and never came back. I travel the world and never, really never have been in a worse place than this one. I heard that there are good parties, so I decided to check it. When I arrived, there was some crowd outside and the security guy was just standing and watching. I didn’t know what was going on so I asked him if I could come in. He was so rude, mean and when he heard that I’m a model, started to deride me. The whole crowd was watching it when he said to me „maybe start speaking polish, it’s gonna be easier” and after that, to another security guy „that LADY is the top model number seven in the world”. Everything in polish of course. Some girl translated it to me. I felt so humiliated! I was polite and just wanted to know why they didn’t let people come inside. The way the security treated me just because I’m a model was just unacceptable! So really, every model, every pretty girl, don’t go there if you don’t want to be ridiculed. There are many different clubs in Warsaw that are worth going to, like „U Arstystow”, what is just next to „Mono Bar”. Treat it like a valuable advice.

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